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simon murphy
it was all right

this is just somehere to stick a few MP3s - yeah. Most of these are Velvet Underground related, and are here for the VU Covers page (

the idea is - click an image - you get music.

it's mostly guitars, small cheap keyboards and combinations of various delay and tremelo pedals. I record with Pro Tools Free or a Yamaha cassette 4-track.

I like '60s guitars and amps and the limitations of low technology.


I have another page of music ......


do the OSTRICH

a phasing experiment with the Sound-Go-Round called MUDLARKING (excerpt only)

RAY PHASE No 1 = 2 SR riffs wobble and oscillate!

RIP HER TO SHREDS /SISTER RAY: by my old band, Six Inch Killaz, 1998